Friday, May 6, 2011

New Band New Lyrics

As promised I will post some new lyrics and new music that I think most people can enjoy (so nothing too extreme). The band is called Search The City and the song is called Son of a Gun. To avoid any legal reprocussions I will add minor adjustments or just sections of lyrics.

(are your strings tied tight for proper movement?)
Take a deep, deep breath.
I'll stitch my eyes wide open
'cause I don't want to miss
the look on your face
when I drive away.
You know you're sharp,
but sharp just doesn't cut it anymore.
I'll show you a side of me,
you've never seen before.

for Heaven's sake, I see right through you.
I've got Secrets, too.
You're the gun and I can be your bullet to go down on.
Take your best shot 'cause you only get one.

Yeah okay, so the lyrics are a little emo, but its a quality song by a quality band and is definitely worth a shot. So look it up! I'll be back soon with more words and more music. Thanks for reading!

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