Friday, May 6, 2011

This is A Call To Labor!

The News anchors on FOX and CNN talk about how horrible it is that a man with a master's degree is working at McDonald's. Why? Isn't there something to be learned from the blue collar jobs? The hardworking people of woring class America are often forgotten because they have been made the minority. They have been forsaken by society in favor of the stock broker and the intellectual property lawyer. Americans have almost given up what is material. That is not to say that we are less materialistic, on the contrary we are more materialistic than ever. But, most of us would rather deal in abstraction than in material. It is better for them to talk about profit margins and mergers than grab a wrench and get to work. They would rather have lunch at the Modern American Bistro, to go over next months oil price projections, than eat a meal out of a cooler an get back to work.

Maybe its just me, and maybe I'm crazy but for once, I think a return to labor is just what these United States need. We can boost our economy, provide the jobs that we're lacking, restore our workforce to its former glory, and tip our hats to the generations that brought us here (all at the same time). Maybe, just maybe, we could show the next generation what it means to dirty our hands, to labor in the name of honor.

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